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GraceLife Ministries and Fellowship (GMAF) began in 1990 as a way of serving the Body of Christ through teaching the Bible methodically and inductively. GraceLife was expanded to the Internet in 1995. One of the earliest blogs was called GraceLife Thoughts. Another was called GraceLife Answers. GraceLife combined both into the GraceLife Blog in 2009.

GraceLife has two books published by Fifth Estate Publishing. The first is A History of Man’s Quest for Immortality. This 777-page book was written to help people interested in learning how families, tribes and nations have searched for the immortality the human race lost thousands of years ago. The book has been read by people of many religious backgrounds looking for a better understanding of how to relate to God. We’ve also heard from people who had no belief in God who wondered if there might be life after death. Many Christians have used the book in their ministry to atheists, agnostics and people of many of the world’s religions.

Our second book is GraceLife: Words of Hope and Encouragement in a Discouraging World. It was written to share special words of hope and encouragement from the Bible. Christians have used the book to encourage family members and friends, and with pastors, missionaries and other people in full-time ministry.

GraceLife has also published more than 600 eBooks for free download and use in personal study and in churches and small groups.

The GraceLife Blog Podcast began in 2021 and includes studies written from 1972 to the present. We will continue to add more studies to the podcast, so we invite you to subscribe so you will be notified when new studies are available to hear.

Here are the platforms where you can currently find our podcast:

GraceLife Blog Podcast on Spotify

GraceLife Blog Podcast on Apple Podcasts

GraceLife Blog Podcast on Anchor FM

GraceLife Blog Podcast on Pocket Casts

GraceLife Blog Podcast on Breaker Audio 

GraceLife Blog Podcast on Radio Public

GraceLife Blog Podcast on Overcast

GraceLife Blog Podcast on Google Podcasts (For Android Users)

We hope our website, articles, blogs, podcasts and books will be a blessing to you and a help in your life and service to God. Please feel free to leave your comments here or email us with your thoughts or questions.

In Christ’s Love and Grace,

Mark McGee


GraceLife Ministries and Fellowship

© 1990-2023

4 thoughts on “About GraceLife

  1. When will Part 9 of A History of Worship be available. I’ve really enjoyed reading this series. Be Blessed.

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