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A Day For Giving Thanks

A History of Worship – Part One

A Prophet’s Perspective About Preachers


Artificial Intelligence in the Bible

Assessing the Health of the Church after 2,000 Years (Part Two)

Blessed of God

By the Grace of God

Calling The Dead

Cheating Death

Christ’s Mission on Earth

Christian: Non-Christian Marriage

Christmas Eve In Heaven

Credible or Counterfeit? Challenges to Christian Writing

Crowns and Thrones: The Majesty of our God

Deacons – Serving, Tested, Faithful

Do We Have To Go To Church To Worship God?

Ephesians 1 – The Gospel of Your Salvation

Ephesians The Gospel of Your Salvation Chs. 2-6

Even So Come!

Everything Under His Control

First and Last – In the Words of Jesus

From The Beginning

Glory of the Son!

God’s Judgment – How It Works Part 1

God’s Judgment – How It Works Part 2

God’s Judgment – How It Works Part 3

God’s Justice – How It Works Part 1

Grace and Works – God’s Great Poetry

Grace in the Third Millennium

GraceLife Thoughts 1

Greetings of Grace

High and Lifted Up

Honoring Dad and Mom – The Fifth Commandment

How Am I Doing

How To Build A Human

How To Choose The Best Leader For A Nation

How to Invest Your Life

How To Study God’s Word

Hypocrites and Pagans – Navigating the Narrow Gate

It’s Christmas

It’s Greek to Me!

Jeremiah’s Lie

Journey of a New Life

Justified From All Things

Law and Grace

Lessons of Grace

Lessons of The Holy Week

Living ‘Christian’ In This Present World (Part One)

Living ‘Christian’ In This Present World (Part Two)

LOVE Before Time Began

Martial Arts Weapons Of War

Meeting Your Greatest Need

Merry Christmas From The Angel Gabriel

None Of These Diseases – Ancient Help For Modern Times

On A Journey Of Thanksgiving

One Judge- God on His Throne

Our Father Which Art In Heaven – Who Are You?

Possessions of a New Life

Praise God

Preparing For The Harvest

Problems With The Two Party System

Pure Religion

Revelation 23 – Our Future Reign

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 1)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 2)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 3)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 4)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 5)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 6)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 7)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 8)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 9)

Saint Mark and You

Saved By Grace Through Faith

Singing Grace in Our Hearts

Spiritual Basics – Knowing Christ

Teaching Ephesians Chapter One

Teaching Ephesians Chapter Two

Teaching Notes – 1 Thessalonians

Teaching Notes – A Call From Within

Teaching Notes – A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient

Teaching Notes – Accentuate the Positive

Teaching Notes – How To Solve Every Problem You’ll Ever Have

Teaching Notes – Loaded Up

Teaching Notes – On A Case For Faith

Teaching Notes – On America The Beautiful – Fact Or Fantasy

Teaching Notes – On Being A Seeker

Teaching Notes – On Biblical Theology

Teaching Notes On Christ’s Kingdom

Teaching Notes On Church Leadership

Teaching Notes On Colossians

Teaching Notes – On Conformed Or Transformed

Teaching Notes On Deny And Live

Teaching Notes – On Disciplining God’s Children

Teaching Notes On Duties Of A Church Leader

Teaching Notes On Five Steps To Power And Prosperity

Teaching Notes On Genesis Chapters 1 – 14

Teaching Notes On Genesis Chapters 15 – 27

Teaching Notes On God

Teaching Notes- On God, Prayer & His Will

Teaching Notes on Jesus Christ

Teaching Notes On Mark’s Gospel

Teaching Notes On Matthew’s Gospel

Teaching Notes – On Searching For The Knowledge Of God

Teaching Notes – On Stephen

Teaching Notes – On That Simple?

Teaching Notes – On The Marks Of A Hypocrite

Teaching Notes – On The New Life

Teaching Notes – On The Sinner

Teaching Notes On Sunday Morning

Teaching Notes On Survival of the Home

Teaching Notes On Teaching

Teaching Notes On The Holy Spirit

Teaching Notes – On The Most Needed Person In The Church

Teaching Notes – On The Need For A New Life

Teaching Notes – On The New Life

Teaching Notes On The Person

Teaching Notes On The Psychology Of Jesus

Teaching Notes On Vacation Bible School

Teaching Notes On Why We Love The Bible

Teaching Notes – The Excellence of God and His People

Teaching Notes – The Greatest Desire of a Christian’s Life

Teaching Notes The Word of God

The Blessings of Christmas

The Cords of Life

The Cosmic Christ

The FEAR of the LORD – The KEY to Everything

The Gathering – In the Dispensation of the Fullness of the Times

The Glory of Grace

The Gospel Few People Know

The Gravity Prayer

The Great Mandate

The Great Reveal Part One

The Great Reveal Part Two

The Great Reveal Part Three

The Great Reveal Part Four

The Great Reveal Part Five

The History of Grace

The Holy Spirit Part 1

The Holy Spirit Part 2

The Lord of Grace

The Lord’s Supper

The Old Testament Prophets – Introduction

The Power of Grace

The Prophet’s Voice

The Rapture and The Grace of God

The Secret of Christmas

The Source of Grace

The Three-Million Mile View

The True Meaning of Christmas

Thinking About Climate Change

Thinking About Comfort

Thinking About God’s Eternal Promise

Thinking About Loving Each Other

Thinking About Obedience

Thinking About Prayer

Thinking About Salvation

Thinking About Thanksgiving

Thinking About Weeds

Thinking About Welcome

Thinking About Worship

Translating Grace

Understanding Agreements in the Old Testament

What Goes Around

What Is ‘Conditional’ Security?

What Is God’s Word? Why Study It?

What We Can Do For The Persecuted Church

What We Have In Jesus

When God Leaves The Building

Why Are We Afraid To Die?

Why Doesn’t God Just Take Me To Heaven

Why Learn A Christian Catechism? Full Study

Why Learn A Christian Catechism, Part 1

Why Learn A Christian Catechism, Part 2

Why Study God’s Word

With Thanksgiving

Words For A New Life

Words From The Holy Week

Worship – Here and There – Forever!

Your Prayers


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