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A Day For Giving Thanks

A Disciple Is …

A History of Worship – Part One

A Prophet’s Perspective About Preachers

A Reading Plan for Christian Apologists Part 1

A Reading Plan for Christian Apologists Part 2

A Reading Plan for Christian Apologists Part 3

A-B-Cs of Self Defense



Arguments for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Arguments From Science

Babies and Their Angels

Better Than A Warrior

Beware of Eastern Lightning


Black Belt Apologetics


Blessed of God

Book Reviews Volume I

Book Reviews Volume II

Book Reviews Volume III

Book Reviews Volume IV

Book Reviews Volume V

Bullied! No More

Buried With Jesus

By the Grace of God

Can I Trust My Bible Translation?

Can I Trust The Bible – Part 1

Can I Trust The Bible – Part 2

Can I Trust The Bible – Part 3

Can I Trust The Bible – Part 4

Can I Trust The Bible – Part 5

Can I Trust The Bible – Part 6

Character Qualities for Christian Martial Artists

Cheating Death

Christ’s Mission on Earth

Christian: Non-Christian Marriage

Christianity — Exclusive or Inclusive?

Christianity’s Core Belief Volume 1

Christianity’s Core Belief Volume 2

Christians Believe Jesus Physically Rose From The Dead – Right?

Christians, Jews, and the Baby Messiah

Church History- Why It’s Important

Come On, Christians, Let’s Do It!

Convince Me There_s A God- Lessons From Classical and Evidential Apologetics

Convince Me There’s A God- Part One

Convince Me There’s A God Part Two – Old Testament Archaeology 1

Convince Me There’s A God Part Two – Old Testament Archaeology 2

Convince Me There’s A God Part Two – Old Testament Archaeology 3

Convince Me There’s A God Part Two – Old Testament Archaeology 4

Convince Me There’s A God Part Two – Old Testament Archaeology 5

Convince Me There’s A God Part Three – Lessons From Classical and Evidential Apologetics

Dealing With Faith Bullies

Deep Magic: Song of the Supernatural – Part 1

Defending Christmas In An Unbelieving World: A Model for Christian Apologetics

Defending The Faith In Your Community

Developing An Apologetic That Works

Diversity in the Church

Do We Have To Go To Church To Worship God?

Does Science Disprove God and the Bible?

Easter – One Act of Righteousness

Ephesians The Gospel of Your Salvation

Ephesians The Gospel of Your Salvation Chs. 2-6

Evangelistic Apologetics – The Church Under Attack 1

Evangelistic Apologetics – The Church Under Attack 2

Evangelistic Apologetics – The Church Under Attack 3

Evangelistic Apologetics – The Church Under Attack 4

Evangelistic Apologetics The Church Under Attack 5

Every Christian Is A Missionary

Everything Under His Control

Exceedingly Great Joy

Excellence in Ministry

First and Last – In the Words of Jesus

Five Passions That Changed The World

Five Stances of Christian Martial Arts

Foundation of Christian Martial Arts

Free In Christ

From the Jesus People to the Children of God – We Failed You

Gay Christianity – A Reasoned Response

Glory of the Son!

GMAF Newsletters – 1998

GMAF Newsletters – 1999

GMAF Newsletters – 2000

God’s Judgment – How It Works Part 1

God’s Plans For You

Grace in the Third Millennium

Grace In The Workplace

Grace Martial Arts Fitness

Great Hymns of Faith

Great Hymns of Grace

Great Hymns of Hope

Great Hymns of Love

Great Hymns of Praise

Great Hymns of Redemption

Great Hymns of Reformation

Happy Grandparents Day

Holy Resolutions For A New Year


Hope For America’s Youth

How Am I Doing

How To Face Tough Times

How to Invest Your Life

How To Solve A Big Problem

How to Un-Create an Atheist

How To Use Your Power and Authority in The New Year

How To Walk Like A Brother

How To Walk Like A Christian

I Will Follow Jesus

I’m Praying for You

In Defense of The Existence of God

In Defense of the Resurrection

In Everything Give Thanks

Is Faith Worth Believing?

Is God’s Love Reckless?

Is Jesus Human ?

Is Jesus Really God?

Is Progressive Christianity Christian?

It May Be The Only Hope We Have

It Will Save Your Life

It’s Christmas

It’s Time

Learning from Daniel’s Letter

Leaving the Faith – Really?

Lessons of Grace

Lessons of The Holy Week

LOVE Before Time Began

Martial Arts Character Qualities For Christian Martial Artists

Martial Arts The God of Creation

Martial Arts The Real Path to Self Defense

Martial Arts Weapons Of War

Martial Arts What Makes Christian Martial Arts Different?

Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons

My Soul Thirsts For You – A Christian Primer On Worship

New Life In A New Year

Now What?

Of Mice and Men, Kangaroos and Chimps

On The Winning Side

One Judge- God on His Throne

Our City On A Hill 2018

Our City On A Hill 2019

Our Father Which Art In Heaven – Who Are You?

Paul – Apostle or Fraud

Preparing For The Coming Persecution

Preparing for the Harvest

Pride Goes Before

Problems With The Two Party System

Put Off Put On

Remembering Clive Staples Lewis

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 1)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 2)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 3)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 4)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 5)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 6)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 7)

Romans – The Gospel of God (Part 8)

Saved and Safe

Self Defense for Children & Teens

Shining As Lights In The World

Showing The Kindness of God

Spiritual Basics – Knowing Christ

Spiritual Gifts For Ministry

Street Epistemologists – On Guard

Street Epistemology – Basic Strategy

Street Epistemology – Basic Tactics

Street Epistemology – Tactical Conclusion

Street Epistemology- Why?

Teaching Ephesians Chapter One

Teaching Notes – A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient

Teaching Notes On Church Leadership

Teaching Notes On Colossians

Teaching Notes – On Dating, Marriage and Parenting

Teaching Notes on Discipleship

Teaching Notes On Duties Of A Church Leader

Teaching Notes on Dynamic Christianity

Teaching Notes On Faith

Teaching Notes on Faith, Atheism, Apologetics

Teaching Notes On God

Teaching Notes- On God, Prayer & His Will

Teaching Notes on Guilt

Teaching Notes on Jesus Christ

Teaching Notes on New Covenant, Church, Worship and Praise

Teaching Notes On Revival

Teaching Notes on Salvation, Eternity, Satan

Teaching Notes On Survival of the Home

Teaching Notes On The Holy Spirit

Teaching Notes- On The Secret Of Sanctification

Teaching Notes – On The Secret Of Success in Christian Counseling

Teaching Notes – On The Son of God – His Deity and Eternality

Teaching Notes On The Word of God

Teaching Notes On Why Christians Have Difficulty Living By Faith

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 1

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 2

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 3

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 4

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 5

Testing For Black Belt

The Blessings of Christmas

The Church’s Biggest Problem(s)

The Cosmic Christ

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ – True or False

The Desperate Need of the Church Today

The Father of Mercies

The FEAR of the LORD – The KEY to Everything

The Fifth Gospel – Better Than The Rest?

The Five Knows for Spiritual Warfare

The Gathering – In the Dispensation of the Fullness of the Times

The Glory of Grace

The God of Creation

The Gospel Few People Know

The Gravity Prayer

The Great Reveal Part One

The Great Reveal Part Two

The Great Reveal Part Three

The Hell Test – Tested

The History of Grace

The Holy Spirit Part 1

The Holy Spirit Part 2

The Importance of Error in Apologetics

The Jesus Seminar Revealed

The Lord’s Supper

The Measure of a Church

The Power of Grace

The Power of Your Story

The Prophet’s Voice

The Rapture and The Grace of God

The Secret of Christmas

The Simple Truth About The Gospel of Grace

The Source of Grace

The Spirit World

The Strange Story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell and the National Press

The Strength To Go On

The Three-Million Mile View

The Two Sides of the Cross PART 1

The Two Sides of the Cross PART 2


Thinking About Christian Unity 1

Thinking About Christian Unity 2

Thinking About Christian Unity 3

Thinking About Christian Unity 4

Thinking About Christian Unity 5

Thinking About Christian Unity 6

Thinking About Christian Unity 7

Thinking About Climate Change

Thinking About Comfort

Thinking About Contentment

Thinking About Discipleship

Thinking About Faith

Thinking About God’s Eternal Promise

Thinking About Grace

Thinking About Loving Each Other

Thinking About Marriage

Thinking About Obedience

Thinking About Patience and Hope

Thinking About Prayer

Thinking About Religion

Thinking About Salvation

Thinking About Standing

Thinking About Thanksgiving

Thinking About The Cost

Thinking About The Deity of Jesus Christ

Thinking About The Living Word

Thinking About Thinking

Thinking About Welcome

Thinking About What God Wants

Thinking About Worship

Three Rules For Self Defense

Three Weeks Until Easter

Trading Fear for Faith

Understanding Agreements in the Old Testament

What Is God’s Word? Why Study It?

What Jesus Wants for Christmas

What’s A Saint To Do

What’s Your Style

What We Have In Jesus

Where He Sends I Will Go

Who Is Jesus Christ

Why Doesn’t God Just Take Me To Heaven

Why Jesus Came To Earth

Why Jesus Was Born of a Virgin

Why Should We Love Each Other

Words of Hope and Encouragement

Worship – Here and There – Forever!

Yoga and Martial Arts for Children – A Dangerous Spiritual Path

You Cannot Prove The Existence Of God

Your Worst Nightmare – Thoughts for the New Year


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