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Broadcast News at 101

Coronavirus Diary 2020 (March-April)

Coronavirus Diary 2020 (May – June)

Coronavirus – Follow the Money

Coronavirus – Follow the Science

Coronavirus – Mother Nature’s Revenge?

Coronavirus – Reporting On A Pandemic

Coronavirus – Where Were the Prophets?

Factual Story Telling: The Heart Of Journalism

Follow The Candidates

Follow The Money

Follow The People

Information – Mis or Dis

Investigative Reporting – Feelings and Facts

Journalists and Accuracy

Journalism And Objectivity

Journalists Covering Protests

Journalists Should Be Curious

Journalists Should Be Skeptical

Real Journalism

Show Me The Money!

The Importance of Logic in Journalism

The Process of Journalism

The Purpose of Journalism

The Reason For Reasoning In News Coverage

The Strange Story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell and the National Press

The ‘Team’ Behind The News

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