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A Disciple Is …

A Supply Chain Christmas

Are You A Mature Christian?

Assessing the Health of the Church after 2,000 Years

Assessing the Health of the Church after 2,000 Years (Part Two)


Blessed of God

Broadcast News at 101

Buried With Jesus

Can Christians Prosper In The ‘New Normal’?

Character Qualities for Christian Martial Artists

Christian Slates: Which One Are You?

Christians And The 2020 Elections

Christians And The ‘World System’

Come On, Christians, Let’s Do It!

Coronavirus Diary 2020 (March-April)

Coronavirus Diary 2020 (May – June)

Coronavirus – Follow the Money

Coronavirus – Follow the Science

Coronavirus – Mother Nature’s Revenge?

Coronavirus – Reporting On A Pandemic

Coronavirus – Where Were the Prophets?

Deacons – Serving, Tested, Faithful

Diversity in the Church

Every Christian Is A Missionary

Everything Under His Control

Excellence in Ministry

Facing Temptation and Making the Right Decisions

Five Passions That Changed The World

Five Stances of Christian Martial Arts

Free In Christ

From the Jesus People to the Children of God – We Failed You

Gay Christianity – A Reasoned Response

God’s Plans For You

Grace In The Workplace

GraceLife Thoughts 1

Happy Grandparents Day

Holy Resolutions For A New Year


How To Face Tough Times

How To Solve A Big Problem

How To Use Your Power and Authority in The New Year

How To Walk Like A Brother

How To Walk Like A Christian

I’m Praying for You

In Everything Give Thanks

Is God’s Love Reckless?

It May Be The Only Hope We Have

It Will Save Your Life

It’s Time

I Will Follow Jesus

Journalists Covering Protests

Laboring Together

Learning from Daniel’s Letter

Martial Arts Character Qualities For Christian Martial Artists

Martial Arts The Real Path to Self Defense

Martial Arts What Makes Christian Martial Arts Different?

My Soul Thirsts For You – A Christian Primer On Worship

Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons

New Life In A New Year

Now What?

On The Winning Side

Our City On A Hill 2018

Our City On A Hill 2019

Our City On A Hill 2020

Post-Christian or Pagan?

Preparing for the Harvest

Press On

Pride Goes Before

Shining As Lights In The World

Showing The Kindness of God

Spiritual Gifts For Ministry

Teaching Notes – On Dating, Marriage and Parenting

Teaching Notes on Discipleship

Teaching Notes – On Doing Your Best

Teaching Notes on Dynamic Christianity

Teaching Notes On Faith

Teaching Notes on Guilt

Teaching Notes on New Covenant, Church, Worship and Praise

Teaching Notes – On Putting Devotion Back Into Devotions

Teaching Notes On Revival

Teaching Notes on Salvation, Eternity, Satan

Teaching Notes On Suffering and Submission

Teaching Notes – On The Church Today

Teaching Notes- On The Secret Of Sanctification

Teaching Notes – On The Secret Of Success in Christian Counseling

Teaching Notes On Why Christians Have Difficulty Living By Faith

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 1

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 2

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 3

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 4

Teaching Wisdom to Our Children – Part 5

The Best Way To Live Your Life

The Church’s Biggest Problem(s)

The Desperate Need of the Church Today

The Father of Mercies

The Five Knows for Spiritual Warfare

The Great Divide?

The Happiest City On Earth

The Love Challenge

The Measure of a Church

The Power of Your Story

The Strength To Go On


The Votes Are In – Now What?

Thinking About Contentment

Thinking About Discipleship

Thinking About Grace

Thinking About Patience and Hope

Thinking About Religion

Thinking About Standing

Thinking About The Cost

Thinking About The Living Word

Thinking About Thinking

Thinking About What God Wants

Warning and Lament

What’s A Saint To Do

When Times Are Tough

Where He Sends I Will Go

What Is Conditional Security?

What Jesus Wants for Christmas

Why Am I Here?

Why Should We Love Each Other

Words of Hope and Encouragement

Your Worst Nightmare – Thoughts for the New Year


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