The Three-Million Mile View

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9

We often hear people talk about the “five-thousand” or “thirty-thousand-foot view” for looking at the big picture of a business project. However, when we talk about how God sees things, even thirty-thousand feet is an extremely short distance – just a little higher than Mount Everest (29,029 feet).

The picture above (Image Credit: NASA/OSIRIS-REx team and the University of Arizona) is a composite of three photos taken from a distance of three-million miles from earth. The earth is the small blue dot in the upper left and the moon is the small white dot in the upper right.

The photo, taken inside our solar system, gives us some insight into the tiny size of the earth. However, given the extremely small size of our solar system in the vast universe we still have a long way to go to understand Isaiah’s statement that God’s ways are higher than our ways – comparing how the heavens are higher than the earth.

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The Great Reveal: Our Epic Journey Through Time, Space and Eternity – Part 3

We ended the last part of our study with a question that must be addressed before we move forward.

“If God knew what would happen before it happened and could have done something else, why didn’t He do something else? If He wanted to create  time and space with a perfect universe and earth and living beings who would always be perfect and never disobey Him, why didn’t God do that?

My thought is that the answer is obvious, but we may not want to hear it. Here’s why I say that.

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Teaching Notes: On The Sinner

Teaching Notes are Bible studies we taught before GraceLife Ministries began publishing articles online in 1995. Some were presented as sermons, others as group studies.

Our hope is that these older studies will be a blessing to you in your life and ministry. Please use them in any way God leads you.

These teaching notes are part of a study about the lost sinner’s need for salvation and the saved sinner’s opportunity for service.

[These notes are from a Bible study taught more than 40 years ago. The notes are in outline form.]

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Teaching Notes: On The Enter-Rest Dynamic Of Prayer

I had the privilege of producing several Christian radio programs during the 1970s. God saved me from atheism when I worked in radio, so it was a wonderful opportunity to be involved in Christian radio for several years.

I began producing programs within months of becoming a Christian, so my work in Christian radio was primarily as a producer and announcer. I worked with several excellent Bible teachers and evangelists to produce their radio programs and schedule airplay on a network of stations in both North and South America.

I also had the opportunity to teach on the radio programs from time to time and these notes are from one of those programs.

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What Now? (Part Two)

The United States has new leadership in the White House and the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. Each change came after serious disagreements and with strong words. Many people on both sides of the pond are pleased by these changes, while many others are dismayed. What now?

We are looking for answers through the lens of Christianity – how Jesus Christ sees life and its challenges. In the first part of this series, we looked at the Christian response to modern challenges from a positional perspective. In the second part, we will look at the Christian response from a practical perspective. How should Christians live out Christianity in a changing world?

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Merry Christmas from the Angel Gabriel

Christmas really is a most wonderful time of the year, especially when we understand why. God has done great things for us, things we do not deserve. God has bestowed His great favor on us, even though we deserve His disfavor. Someone has said that God’s grace means our getting what we do not deserve and not getting what we do deserve.

We understand this clearly through special messages from the angel Gabriel.

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