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Yesterday, we saw that God speaks well of us. What a blessing that is! Knowing that the God of Heaven speaks well of us is blessing enough, but there’s more:

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.”

Ephesians 1:3 (NKJV)

Every spiritual blessing! That’s how much God has blessed us. Paul did not say God blessed us with five spiritual blessings or 20 spiritual blessings or even 100 spiritual blessings. God blessed us with EVERY spiritual blessing! What does that mean?

First, keep in mind the context we’ve seen already. God speaks well of us from His Heavenly Throne.

Second, let’s look at the words. “Every” is pase. It means “every kind or variety.” “Spiritual” is pneumatike. It means “that which pertains to or proceeds from the spirit.” In this context, it means that which proceeds from the Spirit of God. The word always connotes the idea of invisibility and of power. “Blessing” is eulogia. It means “to speak well of” and carries the idea of bestowing blessings on someone.

God speaks well of us. His actions follow His thoughts and His words. He blesses members of the Body of Christ with every kind or variety of spiritual good thing. It would be very unkind if someone spoke well of you but didn’t do anything to demonstrate what they thought about it. God speaks well of us and does well for for us. He has given us “every spiritual blessing.”

What are our “spiritual” blessings? Here are some of the basics. Make your own list each day and watch it grow!

  1. You are blessed with Christ in you
  2. You are blessed with you in Christ
  3. You are blessed with God’s Grace
  4. You are blessed with God’s Love
  5. You are blessed with God’s Loyalty
  6. You are blessed with God’s Faithfulness
  7. You are blessed with the gift of Faith
  8. You are blessed with God choosing you
  9. You are blessed with New Life
  10. You are blessed with forgiveness of sins
  11. You are blessed with redemption through Christ’s shed blood
  12. You are blessed with a cleansed conscience
  13. You are blessed with the Holy Spirit living in you
  14. You are blessed with the fruit of the Spirit flowing from your life to others
  15. You are blessed with being a member of the Body of Christ
  16. You are blessed with the promise of eternal Life
  17. You are blessed with spiritual protection
  18. You are blessed with physical protection
  19. You are blessed with emotional protection
  20. You are blessed with access to God’s throne through Christ’s intercession
  21. You are blessed with access to God’s power through prayer
  22. You are blessed with God’s Word to guide you
  23. You are blessed with God’s wisdom and knowledge to help you in every situation
  24. You are blessed with angels to watch over you
  25. Add to this and make it your own list of spiritual blessings!

Remember, God blessed you with “every spiritual blessing.” There is not one spiritual blessing that you don’t have. No other Christian is blessed more than you. That’s impossible since God gave you “every spiritual blessing.” You have as much access to God, as much access to spiritual knowledge and power, as much access to God’s love and grace as any other Christian alive today or who has lived or will live. You are blessed!

In Christ’s Love and Grace,

Mark McGee

GraceLife Ministries