In a  recent Teaching Notes we looked what the Bible teaches about Praise. We now look at six reasons for your church to praise the Lord.

[These notes are from a Bible study taught 40 years ago. The notes are in outline form.]

(Reason 1) For being seated at our Father’s table.

  • Of salvation
  • Of abundant living
  • Of blessed fellowship

With God: The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit

With our brothers and sisters in Christ

(Reason 2) For our families

  • For husbands and fathers
  • For wives and mothers
  • For children
  • For grandparents

(Reason 3) For our church

  • Teaching the fundamental truths and life-changing principles of the Word of God
  • Worshipping God in spirit and truth

(Reason 4) For our pastor

  • His love
  • His dedication
  • His standards
  • His decisions

(Reason 5) For our nation

  • Religious freedom
  • Great heritage
  • Exciting future

(Reason 6) For the coming revival

  • In hearts
  • In families
  • In churches
  • In communities
  • In nations

[Thank you for reading these teaching notes from 40 years ago. My prayer is they will be a blessing to you and your ministry.]