Teaching Notes are Bible studies we taught before GraceLife Ministries began publishing articles online in 1995. Some were presented as sermons, others as group studies.

Our hope is that these older studies will be a blessing to you in your life and ministry. Please use them in any way God leads you.

These teaching notes are from a series of studies about the Gospel of Matthew.

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[These notes are from a study prepared 45 years ago.]

Outline of Matthew 11

I. Jesus is questioned by the disciples of John the Baptist. 1-6

II. Jesus teaches the multitudes about the ministry of John the Baptist. 7-19

III. Jesus speaks against the disobedience of the Jews and pronounces judgment upon them. 20-24

IV. Jesus now offers the second phases of His message — personal discipleship. 25-30

Objective Summary of Commentary Material on Matthew 11

Verses 1-19 speak of the rejection of John the Baptist. John was in prison and sent his disciples to see if Christ was really the one they were looking for. The miraculous evidences of Jesus’ person were intended to calm fears. 1-6

Though John the artist was a great man and was obedient to God, the nation still rejected him and was in the process of rejecting the King. 7-19

Because of their rejection of Christ, Jesus pronounced judgment on them. This brought His ministry to a crisis point. He turned from the unrepentant nation of Israel to individuals in the nation who were conscious of their need.

Unger’s Bible Handbook, pp 476-477

John the Baptist wondered at the lack of judgment aspect of Christ’s ministry. Jesus called attention to His works which John would have recognized as Messianic credentials. 1-6

Though John was the forerunner and made announcement of the Kingdom, he was still outside of the actual Messianic Kingdom. 11

Christ contrasted the glowing estimate of John the Baptist and the prevailing sentiment of the multitudes toward John and Jesus. They were like a group of peevish children who couldn’t decide what game to play. 16-20

Wycliffe’s New Testament Commentary, pp 36-38

This chapter is a turning point in the ministry of Christ. This chapter sums up the reaction and reception of the multitudes to Christ’s claims — “Rejection.” Even John the Baptist became somewhat perturbed. 1-6

Jesus gives a glorious defense of the prophet’s motives (7-19) and a scathing denunciation of the cities where He performed His miracles. 20-24

Then Christ departs from His message of repentance for a nation to repentance of the individual. 25-30

J. Vernon McGee’s Commentary on Matthew, pp 32-33

Personal Interpretation of Matthew 11

After teaching His disciples, Jesus went out to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom in the cities of Israel. 1

John the Baptist had been put into prison and was confused by the ministry of Christ. As an Old Testament prophet, John had no knowledge of Christ’s rejection or sufferings. John sent two of his disciples to question Christ about looking for another Messianic figure. Jesus sent them back with the proof of His Messiahship. 2-6

Christ turned then to the multitudes and paid a great tribute to John the Baptist. He was more than a prophet and fulfilled prophetic Scriptures. He was the forerunner of the Messiah. No other Old Testament prophet has been that highly privileged. 7-10

However, a citizen of the kingdom would stand greater positionally than the Old Testament saints. 11

Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, and the Kingdom message suffered violently at the hands of religious hypocrites. 12

Jesus was the One that all prophets and points of Law had been pointing too. Only those with spiritual ears could hear and obey. 13-15

The people of that day were playing religious games and couldn’t see the truth of God in John or Christ. 16-19

Verse 20 is the best commentary for verses 21-24. They would not hearken to the Voice of Christ. 20-24

Only God’s chosen ones can hear and understand the secret things of God. Christ calls now to any who will hear and obey to come and rest in Him. 25-30

Practical Usage of Matthew Chapter 11

Homiletical: verses 4-5

  1. Christ gives sight to spiritually blind
  2. Christ gives a new walk to the spiritual cripple
  3. Christ cleanses the spiritual leper
  4. Christ gives a new understanding to the spiritual deaf
  5. Christ gives life to the spiritually dead
  6. Christ has good news for the spiritually poor

Next Time

We will look at the outline for Matthew Chapter 12 in the next part of our special series.

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