We began this writing project soon after our 2008 book, GraceLife: Encouraging Words in a Discouraging World, was published. We will share what we’ve written so far in the hope it will challenge your thinking about the existence of God.

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Just the sound of the word brings chills to the skin on my arms and the back of my neck. I remember seeing a magician as a young child. He was dressed in a black tuxedo, with a white shirt and bowtie, long white gloves and a tall black hat. He held a long black cane that had a silver handle and small white tip. The magician smiled, introduced himself, took off his hat, showed us the inside of his hat (it appeared to be empty), then pulled a live rabbit out of the hat. I was amazed.

I read all the books I could find about magic. I learned about Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, Alexander Herrmann, Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone, Cardini, Howard Thurston, The Amazing Kreskin, and many others; each one a master magician in his or her own right. Some, like the first magician I saw, were able to produce what appeared to be ‘something from nothing’. He took off his hat, turned it upside down, and even had a volunteer from the audience place their hand and arm inside the hat to see if they could fee anything. They didn’t. So, where did the rabbit come from? Magic!

Magicians make things appear and disappear – now you see it, now you don’t. They change things into other things – a red handkerchief into a white dove, a woman into a dog. A man in the audience gives the magician a watch. The magician smashes the watch into a dozen pieces. The man who owns the watch is visibly shaken, but the magician says not to worry.

He reaches behind the man’s ear and produces the man’s watch – perfect condition, personal initials and all. How did he do that? Magic!

Just parlor tricks? Slight of hand? What about the magician who makes a woman levitate and move about the room on his command? What about the magician who borrows an audience member’s wedding ring, says some magical words, then produces a light bulb from her purse with the wedding ring inside. How did he do that? Magic!

Deep Magic

I’ve been interested in magic for many years, but most of what I’ve seen were inventive “tricks” – slight of hand, misdirection, masterful illusion. But that is not what brought chills to my skin and caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. That experience came from encounters with Deep Magic – the kind of magic you cannot see or hear, but magic that has power in the physical world. It is the magic of the supernatural – and it is real.

We are surrounded by this Deep Magic. It is everywhere. We cannot find a place to escape it. Deep Magic exists in every dimension we know and those we don’t. This Magic is alive and always moving. It affects us every moment of our days and nights, even though we rarely catch a glimpse of it or hear a sound from it.

Can we see the Deep Magic of other dimensions? Can we hear sounds from it? Yes, we can. Many humans have experienced this Deep Magic and even participated in its many powers. I want you to see this Deep Magic and hear the Song of the Supernatural. It will change your reality and take you into a world filled with adventure and excitement.

A word of warning – this eBook could have easily been tens of thousands of pages long. God’s Magic is so expansive and well-documented that it would necessitate the writing of multiple volumes to be comprehensive in its coverage. So, for the purposes of writing an eBook about the Deep Magic of God that a person could read in a relatively short period of time, I give you this brief introduction to what the Almighty has done. I pray you will find the study fascinating and enriching and that it may spur you on to further investigation into the Song of the Supernatural.

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