Following the Lord’s instructions shouldn’t be hard to do:

  1. Go and make disciples from every nation (ethnos – ethnic culture) in the authority of Christ
  2. Baptize disciples in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
  3. Teach disciples to observe (téreó – maintain, keep intact, guard, watch over, preserve) all things (panta – each and every part) that Jesus commanded (entellomai – charged, enjoined, command to reach a purpose) the apostles 

If Christians, and that includes church leaders, read and study their Bibles and do what Jesus and His apostles said to do .. and don’t do what Jesus and His apostles said not to do .. then they have accomplished the purpose Jesus has planned for the Church He is building.

That shouldn’t be hard to do since most of us have access to Bibles and can read. However, Christians are not accomplishing the goal Jesus established for disciples. If we were, I don’t think we’d have so many people growing up in churches only to leave them when they get into high school or college. I also don’t think we’d be hearing so many of them complaining about Christians not caring about them, not listening to them, not answering their questions.

We must do better.

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