Listen. Do you hear the Song? It is a sweet harmony of ancient love. Listen closely. If you are very quiet and still, you can hear the beginning of the Song of the Supernatural. Before time. Before space. Before the basic elements of life. There was the Singer and the Song.

Close your eyes. Relax. Take a deep breath … and exhale slowly. Don’t rush this moment.

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The Song of the Supernatural

Imagine a time before time. Nothing exists but the Singer and the Song. No sun. No moon. No stars. No people. No traffic. No cities. No oceans. No rivers. No forests. No birds. No animals. Nothing but the Song. What do you hear? What is the Song you hear?

It is the Song of the Supernatural. And the Sweet Singer of the Song – is God. How do we define God? How do we explain God? We cannot define or explain because we do not comprehend the Eternal God Who has always been. How does God define Himself? How does He explain Who He is?


Exodus 3:14

It is not necessary for God to define or explain Himself to anyone. He is Who He is. God is. He answers to no one but Himself. He is responsible to no one but Himself.

Who is God and what is His Song? God is the Original Being. No other being existed before God. God is Eternal. He is from Everlasting to Everlasting. He has no beginning and no ending. God is the Ultimate Power. No other being possesses power that matches the Power of God. God is the Highest Energy. No other being possesses energy that matches the Energy of God. God is the First and the Last. God is Life, Love and Hope. He is All Things. He is Supernatural.

God is One Supreme Being in Three Supreme Persons. The Great One (Father). The True One (Son). The Holy One (Holy Spirit). They are Supernatural. They are One. God loves Himself with a Perfect Love. The Great One Loves the True One Who Loves the Holy One Who Loves the Great One. God is the Perfect Love Cycle.

God is Spirit. His Nature is Spiritual. He is Invisible. He can only be seen by Himself. He is Alive. God is Active. He is a Person. God Thinks, Feels and Knows. He is Self-Existence. He is the First Cause. “I AM WHO I AM.” He is Immense. God has no boundaries – no limits. He is All-Powerful, All- Knowing, Everywhere Present at the Same Time, and Unchangeable. God knows Himself perfectly. Father, Son and Holy Spirit Know each Other perfectly.

What is the Song of the Supernatural? It is the Song sung by the Perfect God – His Song is Perfect. God is Holy – His Song is Holy. God is Righteous – His Song is Righteous. God is Just – His Song is Just. God is Good – His Song is Good. God is Love – His Song is Love. God is Gracious – His Song is Gracious. God is Merciful – His Song is Merciful. God is True – His Song is True. God is Peace – His Song is Peace. God is Joy – His Song is Joy. God is Beautiful – His Song is Beautiful. God is One – His Song is One.

We think of God in natural terms – those we can understand with our natural senses. However, God cannot be understood through natural means because God is Supernatural (force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature). His Nature is Higher than our nature. His Thoughts are Higher than our thoughts. His Song is Higher than our song. To know His Song, we must know the Author and Singer of the Song. We can only learn the Song of the Supernatural from the Supernatural One. He is the only Teacher of the Song.

God Alone has Immortality. He Dwells in Unapproachable Light. That is important to hearing and understanding His Song. The Song of the Supernatural has always been Sung. It is the Song of the very Nature of God Himself. The Song is Eternal – even as the Singer is Eternal.

Humans know music primarily by what they hear with their ears (people who cannot hear know something about music through their sense of feeling vibrations). There are limits to what we can hear. Hearing is affected by frequency, pitch, pressure, and distance. The ears of a healthy human baby can hear between 20 and 20,000 Hz (cycles per second). Many animals, fish, birds, and insects hear sounds that are lower or higher than human hearing (from 1 Hz to 100,000 Hz). Depending on conditions, environment and topography, humans can hear sounds from several miles away. Animals, birds, fish and other creatures can hear sounds from even farther distances. However, the Song of the Supernatural is not limited by frequency, pitch, pressure, or distance. The Song God Sings is from Everlasting to Everlasting. It is His Song and only He can Sing it.

Human beings know the singer of songs by what they hear and see. We don’t need light to hear a song, but human eyes do need light to see the singer of a song. What we call “light” (also known as visible light) is the part of electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye. Light allows us to see ourselves and our surrounding environment. Too much or too little light can keep us from seeing anything at all.

However, God Dwells in Unapproachable Light. The word “unapproachable” is the English translation of the Greek word aprositon – meaning “that which cannot be approached, inaccessible.” God Dwells (oikon – inhabits as one’s abode) in a Light that no one can approach or access. Is that Light at a point in the light spectrum that cannot be seen with the human eye or any machine known to man? Visible light is accessible by natural means. Scientific progress has also allowed us to learn about the electromagnetic spectrum we cannot see: from radio waves at the low end of the spectrum to gamma rays at the high end. Even higher frequencies are believed to exist as wave functions in the sphere of quantum energy. Or is God’s Unapproachable Light beyond the physical light spectrum?

I believe God Dwells in a light spectrum that is off the charts – so to speak. It is where God Lives in Eternity – beyond our physical universe. We know from the Bible and scientific exploration that the universe had a beginning, so what you and I know as light is attached to time. Unapproachable Light is Eternal, therefore beyond our universe (more on where God Dwells in the next chapter).

God Sings His Supernatural Song in that sphere of Unapproachable Light. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have Sung Their Song forever. It is a Song that embodies the complete Nature of God. It is a Sweet and Powerful Song that combines every Element of the Supernatural Being that is God. The Song of the Supernatural has no beginning and no end. It is Eternal and Beautiful.

The Song that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Sing to Each Other has always been in Perfect Harmony. Unity and Harmony are the Center and Purpose of the Song. Perfection is the Pitch. Truth is the Measure. The Song of the Supernatural is Parent to all songs that are noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy. They all come from the Eternal Voice of God.

We do not have the capacity as natural beings to fully comprehend anything about the Supernatural God – what His Voice sounds like, for instance. However, He has given us clues in His Revelation of Himself. His Voice is described as being like “the sound of many waters” (Ezekiel 43:2; Revelation 1:15 and 14:2). This is something most people can understand. We’ve heard the sound of waves lightly rolling up on a lake shore in the early morning. We also know the sound of waves crashing on the shore of an ocean during the fury of a powerful storm. We’ve heard the deafening sounds of a mighty waterfall and the torrent of rushing water from the rapids of a fast-moving river as it crashes against giant boulders, trees and the sides of a canyon.

God also describes His Voice as sounding like thunder (Job 37:5; 40:9) and being loud (Deuteronomy 5:2; Revelation 1:10; 14:2). I grew up in Florida near the Gulf of Mexico and remember the many sounds of thunder that moved from east to west and west to east, depending on the direction of the sea breeze. The sounds of thunder began as a soft, rumbling, far-away sound that grew in volume as it approached our small community. In less than an hour, the sound of thunder was on top of me as lightning strikes would explode just yards from our house. Even as I held my hands over my ears and feared that my life was about to end, the claps of thunder became less in number and farther apart. The storm was moving on. I was no longer in danger. That was more than 60 years ago, but I remember it as if it happened this afternoon. The brightness of the lightning strikes and the powerful sound of the thunder are a small insight into the Voice of God.

What does all of this tell us about the Song of the Supernatural? It is beyond description. It is higher than high, lower than low, bigger than big, brighter than bright, louder than loud, more beautiful than beautiful. If we could record every amazing sound on our planet, from those of the smallest cells in our body to the largest whales in the ocean, we would have only a small portion of the Song of the Supernatural. What God Sang to Himself in Eternity Past would certainly overwhelm all of our senses.

How does God’s Song affect us today? Can we learn to sing it? If we did, what words would we say? What sounds would we make? If the idea of singing the Song of the Supernatural fascinates and excites you, we invite you to continue to read the next chapter of Deep Magic – Song of the Supernatural.

“Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.”

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